Wedding invitation prompts rescue from stanger

Without anyone standing behind me, I would have fallen backwards. It was lucky for me that there was a very friendly and strong young man standing by his postbox. I had gone down to my mailbox to see if I had any mail. I’d seen this guy around before, but never gotten a chance to talk to him. Once I’d grabbed out my mail, I saw an envelope with the Designer Wedding Invitations logo on the bottom. My heart sank. I knew who’s Wedding Invitations this was going to be, I just didn’t want to believe it. Surely he hadn’t sent me an invitation to his wedding. Wait, let me correct myself, our wedding – only with a different girl. Slowly I felt myself falling backwards but was paralysed. I couldn’t do anything to stop myself, which was when the kind, strong man came to my rescue. I fell into him by accident and he stopped me from hitting the ground.

The man introduced himself as I tried to get myself together. I was standing in front of one of the most attractive men I’d met in a long time, but all I could think about was my ex fiance’s Black and White Wedding Invitations. I snapped out of it, thanking the man for saving me and apologising to him. He was a very nice man and seemed genuinely concerned about me. The man walked me back up to my apartment, telling me he didn’t want me to fall down the stairs. I thought he was sweet, so I invited the man up for coffee. As he walked through my doorway, I laughed to myself wondering if my ex was going to be the reason I’d met my new partner. If I didn’t get that invitation, I never would have fell into the poor, innocent bystander. Then I wondered if there was any possibility this man was interested in me.