Numbers are good for the novated lease

I had been a little bit worried about telling my husband about my bosses offer. I had been called in for a meeting with my boss, which was a little unusual. Normally, the only people that got called into that office, left with their office contents stuffed in a box and a few tears of worry, running down their faces. I had become very nervous when I sat down opposite my boss. My worried vanished soon after the boss started talking. I realised that he wasn’t annoyed with me, or calling me in for any type of discipline. Had I really been called into the office to hear words of praise? Had the boss actually started acknowledging my great work? I had sat in the bosses office in shock, listening to him tell me about the performance review I had just scored. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t of even known I was being tested, which made me even more proud. This was the first time anyone was complimenting me on my work, and I was getting a little freaked out. Suddenly, my boss had stated that the reason I’d been called into his office was to talk about Novated Leasing. The boss must have read the confusion on my face, because he started to explain absolutely everything to me.

Sitting in the bosses office, listening to him talk about Novated Leasing Brisbane, I couldn’t help become excited. I had wanted a new car for a very long time. Now, my boss was sitting here offering me a great deal. He pulled out his Novated Leasing Calculator and did a few quick sums. He then showed me the number on the calculator and told me that was what I’d expect to be paying at a certain rate, for a certain amount. The numbers were good.