Drain inspection appointments and the company of their arrangers

When I walked inside my unit, the first thing I did was write down the details of my appointment with Blocked Drain Melbourne. I was horrible at remembering appointments, or dates, or schedules, or anything really. My life was unorganised and I was very relaxed. I provided my own income, which meant I had no need to become a slave to time. I had just spoken to my landlord, Bob, about the plumbing in my unit. I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with it, but I knew something wasn’t right. Bob agreed with me that it was better to get these things fixed when they’re small, rather than when you need to replace an entire wall. He had booked an appointment for me, with the team from Drain Camera Inspections Melbourne for a few days time. I wrote the details on the whiteboard I had stuck to the front of my refrigerator in bold, capital letters so that I wouldn’t forget.

The day went by and I noticed the water flowing through the taps became weak. The sinks were filling up and there was a slight smell in the kitchen. I decided to order takeaway until the man from Boundary Trap Replacement Melbourne had been to fix the pipes. I didn’t want to get some funky disease from cooking with bad water. I walked up to the local Chinese shop and ordered some food. I grabbed a meal for Bob too. I often unexpectedly found myself keeping Bob company. We were the two loneliest people in the unit block, and despite the age difference we got along tremendously. We ate Chinese while brainstorming reasons why my plumbing could be playing up. We will get the answer soon enough.