Caterers arrive with food for Sam’s party

The morning of the party had arrived. My son was running around in the yard already. He was very excited about his party and expected to wake up to his party. He thought that when he woke up this morning, he would be surrounded by school friends, lollies. soft drinks and of course – presents. Unfortunately for him, it was just Mum and Dad at home today, but we did have presents for him, so that was alright. Sam had been playing outside all morning. We had got him a new bike, so he was wearing that in well. My husband and I were inside, decorating the inside of the house. We were putting up balloons, streamers and posters. Party hats, crackers, party horns and all sorts of small toys were being scattered all over the house. We had hidden chocolates and lollies around the house for the treasure hunt we had planned for later in the day. Just quietly, my husband were having a lot of fun setting up the house for Sam’s birthday party. Sam must of heard the van pull into the driveway because he sprinted out the front.

The Catering Melbourne van had just arrived and the catering team was starting to unload everything. Sam was leading a woman into the house, holding her hand and talking to her all the way. He introduced the woman from Party Catering Melbourne to me, and told me that she’d brought the food for the party. The team from Finger Food Catering Melbourne unloaded the food and left it with us. Sam hovered around the kitchen, waiting for a turned back, or a forgotten treat. I gave him an early cupcake, it was his birthday – he was allowed to have a cupcake before lunch.