Pressures of wedding dress choice

When I walked into Wedding Dresses Melbourne I expected to be treated like a princess. I expect the women to run to the front door to help me in any way they can and offer as much assistance as possible. Thankfully, I got the reception I was after and the woman led me straight to a chair to sit down and talk to her about the type of dress I was after. I told the woman what type of dress I was looking for she asked me about the bridesmaids dresses. I told her what I had in mind for them and she told me she thought Wedding Dress Designers Melbourne would definitely be able to help me.

I sat in Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne looking around at all the different gowns. I was bored. I wanted to start trying dresses on, getting a feel for what styles suited my body shape. I told the sales assistant that and she led me to a change room. The lady brought me in a few different types of dresses and, when needed, helped me get into them. I didn’t really like the dress when I looked at it hanging up, but once I saw it on – I fell in love. There was something different about trying on a wedding dress. I guess you consider that the photos taken on your wedding day will be hung up in many different family homes. Whatever it was, if there was the smallest thing on the dress that you didn’t like, you had to get a completely different dress.

I stayed in the store trying on countless dresses, swirling around, looking at each dress from every possible angle, walking, sitting. I was testing out the dresses good and proper so I would be able to move around on the day – without looking like a robot.