Birthday bus blues for the driver, not so much the tower

It was my twenty fifth birthday and we decided, considering I’d become a grandma and stopped going out partying, that my friends would pay for a party bus for the night. I was really excited. The bus followed a route down the main drag and stopped at each pub and club along the way for one massive pub/club crawl. The double decker bus was decked out and had disco balls, strobe lights, juke box and even a bar inside. Plus, like my friends continued to point out, I hadn’t been out with them for a long time.

It was the night of my birthday and I was really looking forward to the party bus. I had been taken out for lunch and since then the champagne hadn’t stopped flowing. We got ourselves all dressed up and ready to hit the town. The bus would be by soon to pick us up.

We were having a brilliant time. The lights and streamers on the bus were amazing and the music was awesome. It was fully of friends of mine and we were having the time of our lives. All of a sudden the bus stopped and we all flew onto the chairs that lined the sides of the interior. The bus driver appeared about two minutes later and told us unfortunately the engine had just blown up. I couldn’t believe it. The driver told us to speak with the hire company tomorrow and we will get our money back and to continue on foot or by taxi to the rest of the club crawl. He had phoned the Car Transporting Adelaide to arrange for someone to tow the bus back to the depot.

The Towing Company Adelaide had arrived by the time I managed to get myself and everyone else off the bus. I heard them disputing about payment and then the driver told the Tilt Tray Hire Adelaide to call his company, he was done. With that he threw his hands in the air and walked off.