I have seen the beauty of new windows

They have gone from my life and they will never return. Good riddance to bad spirits, and good riddance to bad luck. They will never be able hurt us now that they have passed into the life after. The things that I am talking about are in fact the old windows that the house of mine has, or used to have. I guess you would just say had, in that case. In any case, I’ll never be able to see them again, because they are gone and all trace of them, and their existence is scattered throughout the empire. I don’t care though. I probably should have said this a little earlier, but it’s true. I don’t care that the old windows aren’t here anymore. The new windows are all I care about now, and the sash window repairs Melbourne are something to truly be in awe about. I will never see something quite so beautiful as these windows in my entire life. I’ve seen my wife when we just had our child, and her lit up like a thousand suns, beaming with the glory of all her mothers that came before. She was buoyed by the lightness of a thousand spirits of joy and contentment. I have seen such natural wonders that would make grown men weep, yet nothing is quite as good as the window repairs Melbourne crew doing this wonderful filling and fitting job on their new project. I could watch them work and work all day long, beads of sweat dripping off them, knowing that they’re doing very hard work. They are really nice to me, and they always let me watch them install the windows of the ones that they replaced. That is to say, only on the jobs that I paid for. I can’t go on the road with them, and come out to other sites worthy them. That would be a little unfair of me to ask that of the timber windows Melbourne crew, so I won’t. They said no anyway.