Optometrist for long distance vision tests

When Mum told me she thought that I needed glasses I thought she was crazy. I had no problems reading, I didn’t know what she was thinking or where she had got that from. I told her that there was nothing wrong with my eyes and I wouldn’t dare be caught in public wearing glasses.

We were walking through the shopping centre and Mum decided we needed to look at sunglasses in Eye Clinic Ballarat. As soon as Mum said that I knew she had a plan to get me in for an eye test. We never went into the optometrist so her plan was blatantly obvious.

When we stepped into Optometrist Ballarat we were greeted by a sales assistant who offered to show Mum their extensive range of glasses and sunglasses. While Mum was chatting to the sales assistant I heard her mention eye tests for younger people. After the lady explained to Mum that eye tests were available and in fact they had an empty appointment slot right then, Mum pushed me into the back room of Optometrists Ballarat. It was the optometrists office, lined with posters and charts, equipment and strange tools that I’d never seen before.

The optometrist was very kind. He could obviously tell that I was nervous and I told him that I’d never had an eye test done before. He told me to relax and explained the processes to me and let me know exactly what he was doing. That made me feel a lot more comfortable. The exam finished and he told me that it seemed I needed glasses for long distance vision. I was shocked. Mum was right. Oh well, it’s not really like I need to be able to see far away, maybe I could postpone getting the glasses until I start university.