Jumping castle fun ends in mini flood

My brother always has these stupid ideas that he thinks are brilliant. The other day I caught him stuffing leaves into my mothers car exhaust because he thought it would look cool for the leave to shoot out when we drove off. This time he topped his own record for stupid things. We had hired a jumping castle from Bouncy Castle Hire Melbourne for my cousins birthday party. We decided to keep the castle for an extra week to play on, which was fine with Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne. Early one morning my brother wanted to find out what the castle would be like if instead of filling it with air, he stuck the hose in it.

When I woke up the castle looked different but I couldn’t quite work out why. I walked outside and my brother ran up behind me, pushing me straight into the jumping castle. I landed face first so my head bounced backwards faster than my body, hurting my neck badly. When I stood up I realised he had used the hose instead of the pump so I ran inside. I woke Mum up and told her what my brother had done. Mum groaned and rolled back over, she was not a morning person. I guess it was up to me to sort this out.

I walked outside and my brother was nowhere to be found. He obviously assumed I’d walk out with Mum, who would be furious about the castle. I walked to the back of the castle from Kids Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne and pulled out the nozzle, letting water pour out all over the yard. Water gushed up to the door of the house and flooded the garden. The castle deflated properly and we refilled it with air, in the hope of drying out the inside. Mum was not going to be happy with the yard.