Excitement for heater repair builds

I hung up the phone to my parents relieved that I wouldn’t have to stack on twelve layers of clothing each morning anymore. I didn’t have to use all the blankets on my bed as a creative form of a dressing gown to keep me warm as I moved around the house. My heater had broken down and was in desperate need of repair. I had already managed to stick out the majority of the winter, but my personality and attitude towards life was changing, fast. I was becoming very negative and incredibly snappy with people, some I didn’t even know. I didn’t like what I was turning into, and I knew it was all due to the cold weather.

When my parents called me up to tell me I wasn’t going to freeze anymore, I nearly started crying. My mum told me that they had made arrangements with Heating Sydney to come and repair the heater. The appointment wasn’t for a few days, but I was over the moon that my parents had done that. They knew how much I’d been struggling lately, and I hadn’t asked them for anything. Although there was only a month left of winter, I thought about how great it would be to sit in front of a working heater and defrost. With the men from Ducted Heating Services Sydney scheduled in, I won’t be dreaming about it for much longer. I slept better that night than I had in a long time and woke up excited. There was only one day separating me and possible warmth. I was amped up and ready to go. I hadn’t had this much energy in a long time and I felt I could run laps around an oval. I giggled at myself, maybe that would be a good way to warm up until the men from Central Ducted Gas Heating Sydney arrive.