Bond cleaning questions from a curious daughter

When I saw the Bond cleaning Perth van parked on the opposite side of the road, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was for. I had seen it arrive early this morning when we were all having breakfast and it was still sitting there. There was a lot of people in the van, maybe six. They all piled out when they stopped, all grabbing things from the back of the cleaning van and then disappearing into the house. I didn’t understand it, the people who lived at the house left once the cleaners went in, and all the furniture in the house was gone. I walked over to Mum and asked her to explain bond cleaning to me. Mum was very surprised at my question and wondered where I had seen bond cleaning before. I pointed out the window, to the Move out cleaning Perth van that was parked on the curbside.

Mum stood up and walked over to the window. She too was curious about the Vacate cleaning Perth van. I asked Mum again what the people were doing in our neighbour’s house. Mum said that those cleaners cleaned houses before the tenants moved out. I didn’t understand why you would have a house cleaned once you had left it, but Mum told me it was so the next person who move in walked into a clean house, instead of a dirty one. Mum looked down at me and told me that the neighbours must have found another house to move into. I looked across the road. That was my favourite house on the street. I couldn’t understand why anyone would leave that house. I spent the afternoon watching the cleaners at work.