I am in charge of 24 kids and their jump starters

I need someone to go and get all of the portable car battery kits that we can get. I want you all to go out and get them. In fact, James, go to town and get one for everyone here in class. That’s 24 of the jump starter kits in total. I don’t think that it will be that hard to hold and to carry them all since you are a big guy and they are not that big. Take Jamie with you if you do not think that you are capable of doing it on your own. Take her with you anyway I want more people to see what it is like to buy them. I am a big fan of hands on experience but we do not have time for you all to go there to buy your own individual one. That comes later, as I’m sure you are well aware. Some of you might even be aware of this drill that I ran a few years ago with some of your older classmates. You are not technically classmates with them because they graduated before you got here, but nonetheless, you keep some sort of informal relationships with people, don’t you? I think that is what they call it. I am not too familiar with the nuances of human romantic and casual relationships, since I don’t really partake in that sort of thing. It’s not for me to judge, but while you are on my drill site, you will try to keep it to a minimum. I will tell you more about the battery booster when you awake in the morning at about 5 am. Good luck with that. I will try to keep it down the night before so that you get enough sleep. I want you all recharged, like the battery will be soon enough.