Surprise! How about a horse and some horse stables for your birthday?

With a blindfold wrapped around her face, my daughter was being led down to the rear of our property to see for the first time, her new horse. She didn’t know it yet, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the morning of her sixteenth birthday. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Nicole’s face when she realises that she now has her own horse. To ride, to train, to love and to care for. It was going to be a lot of responsibility for her, and I would have to make sure she knew that, but I knew she would be able to handle it with ease. Her mother, with her hands on Nicole’s shoulders, led the way, eagerly looking ahead to see what the team from Stables Tamworth had done. When we reached the stables, I was shocked. They looked incredible. There was the horse, standing in one of the greatest stables I’d ever seen. There was no way anything was going to be able to ruin this day for Nicole. My wife turned to me, smiling and nodded. I lifted Nicole’s blindfold and at the exact same time her mother and I shouted happy birthday and started jumping around. Nicole’s face was blank until the information sunk in and she saw the horse pop it’s head out. Instantly she started screaming. Veins I’d never seen before were popping out of her head and her mother broke into tears. Everyone started crying tears of joy, laughing and singing as we took a closer look at the new Farm Barns Tamworth stable.

We barely saw Nicole for the rest of the month. She spent every second she could spare with the horse, we she had decided to call Frank. She thanked my wife and I every morning for the best birthday present she’s ever gotten. I was so proud to see her take hold of her new responsibility and she was doing a great job. I was just thrilled that the guys at Awnings Tamworth did such a great job.