We will find the tool box without you

The only way that the aluminium will ever get to us is if we look for it. I am planning on looking for it, but I don’t know what you are doing Jason. I don’t want you and that girl Carrie to ruin what we have been trying to do for close to a year. It will be a lot of effort on our part, but we will find the aluminium toolboxes with or without you. We will be able to make up for the lack of manpower, by working smarter and working longer hours. No longer will we have to split it into three ways when we do find it, and Josh and I will be perfectly happy to have it to ourselves, aren’t you Josh? Well Josh isn’t here I guess since he didn’t respond, but rest assured Jason, we will make sure that we find this thing before you, and you and that girlfriend of yours will have nothing from the ute toolboxes Melbourne company when we find it. I will get the fact that you like her and hey, she seems like a nice person, but she was distracting you from what is really important and so I am taking you out of the group, you will no longer be in the Hunt for Red Octoolbox. It was a name that we, Josh and I, came up with while you were out there in the lounge, watching that actual movie with Carrie. She didn’t even know what it was when you started watching. I will make sure that the under tray draws aren’t kept out of your reach, and we won’t stop you if you want to search on your own, but just know that I will beat you and I will take them for myself and for Josh, to a lesser extent. I wish I knew where he was.