Roof racks and tool boxes seal the deal

My boyfriend and I were planning a camping trip and we couldn’t decide on a few things. We needed to get our ute prepared for the trip but we were trying to be as logical as possible. We rarely got to go camping due to our busy work schedules and finding the same time off was difficult. We had to decided whether to get Aluminium Toolboxes put on the tray. We also had to decide if we wanted to get Roof Racks and Bars to put extra camping gear on, or whether we stick it all in the tray of the ute. If we decided to get aluminium toolboxes put on the tray they would take up a substantial amount of room.Another choice we had to make was whether or not to get Under Tray Draws. They were all decisions to do with space in the ute, but it was a big priority considering the ute was only a two seater. We had a lot of camping gear and liked to be well organised on trips so we didn’t waste time trying to find things.

Our procrastination towards these decisions had to stop. Our trip was only two weeks away, we had to arrange it as soon as possible. We sat down after dinner and came to some conclusions. We decided to get roof racks and two toolboxes put on the ute. Although the tool boxes will limit the space on the tray, the roof racks will make up for it. We booked our car in to have it’s little makeover and when we got it back it looked like a proper camping vehicle. We already had big spotlights on the front of the car, a bull bar even a truck would be scared to take on, along with a snorkel and fishing rod holders. The roof racks and tool boxes really finished off the look. Now we could focus on actually going camping!