The boss needs some aluminium things

I can’t wait to make him proud and I really can’t wait to try and make the most of this situation. I’ve never really been much for drama, but I really like the drama that might unfold if we go in search of the aluminium toolboxes. I love to go in search of things, and I guess it’s why I became a privateer. It’s the high life for me, and I love to be out of the open highway that we call space. I love being in the Deep and nothing can take me away from it, except the promise of finding something so good, it will be able to pay for us to go back out in the Deep for even longer. That is my life, and although it might not be the most glamourous of lives, it is mine. I have a feeling that this new mission at hand, the one where the captain and the doctor are on a bit of a winner here, and the tools that we got out on Cherves will soon have toolboxes to go in. I have a feeling (man I always seem to get feelings) that once we are off on the search, it will be the most fun that we ever have; searching for the aluminium accessories. I don’t know much about aluminium, but I do know that it is very light, as well as very strong. Those two things combined means that they are great at being used for toolboxes and for being used to hold and to store things. I love the fact that we are going after things that we can’t just sell to others, but that we will use on our own tools. I love my tools, and the ones that we found at Cherves are more than I can handle on my own. If we ever did find some of the toolboxes, and maybe some removable service bodies.