Surprise air conditioning repairs

My grandfather had been having a lot of trouble with his arthritis and the heat was making it flare up. I had been staying with him, helping him out around the house and out in the garden. He loved my company and I loved being able to help him. He had done so much for us, and by us I mean the younger generation, and we did nothing to show our appreciation. I wanted to be as involved in my grandfathers life as I possibly could be. My grandfather’s air conditioner had been broken for years, it had been so long since he’d used it he forgot it was even there. I decided that a great way to help my grandfather out was to have his air conditioner repaired. I wanted to keep it a secret though. I phoned Air Conditioning Service Adelaide and spoke to them about their prices. The prices and services seemed very affordable, so I booked in an appointment with a technician. I scheduled it so that the technician from Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide would come past my grandfather’s house when he went out with the carer to do his weekly food shopping.

It had all worked out wonderfully. My grandfather left for his shopping trip and seconds later, the technician from Air Conditioning Adelaide pulled into the driveway. I welcomed the repairman into the house and showed him to the air conditioner. I informed the technician that the air conditioner hadn’t been used in a number of years, and if it was beyond repair to not worry about it. I left the technician to his work and started cleaning the house. I knew how much time I had before my grandfather got home, and I had a lot I wanted to get done in that time.