The air con guys are still cool with me

Did any of you lovely, smart and cool readers see the pun that I made at the top of this article? It was (still is actually, unless it’s changed) the title of this article. I made a play on the word cool, to mean both cold and nifty. I am so smart. Anyay, to the point at hand:

I did not in fact freak out the air conditioning service Sydney crew when they came over. It’s a good thing too, because we have lots of systems that need repairing and servicing, and I wouldn’t want to go to someone else. These guys and girls are the best at whatever it is that they do. I know, in a very general sense, but I could not name a single piece on an air conditioner unit. Well actually I could name one; the heat sink. I think, maybe. I will do a little more research into this kind of thing, since I have five huge air con units that need regular serving. I will actually see how much I can learn from the air conditioning Sydney crew and Co, when they come back tomorrow. It’s so exciting!

I will learn as much as I can from these guys for as long as I an ie as long as they are here, in Blackstone, tending to my broken and breaking air conditioner units. It will be along time before I will need to call them again, I fear, since they are so good at their jobs the air con won’t be broken for awhile, if ever again. It will be a sad day to see them go, but I fear it must be done. It must be done to truly see what it means to be alone. Man, I do have a way with words don’t ? I love to make things dramatic, and the air conditioning repairs Sydney agree, maybe.